Plantifa Fundraiser

Plantifa Fundraiser

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The Rochester community is filled with great organizations doing mutual aid work in the areas of food security and urban agriculture. Access to healthy, local, sustainably produced food is a human right and these organizations are working on making that a reality every day!

  • 490 Farmers -
  • Grow Green Rochester -
  • Rochester Food Not Bombs -
  • Roc Food Relief -
  • Rochester Mutual Aid Network -

Each of these organizations takes on various aspects of local food security and production; running urban farms and seed swaps, building and maintaining local free food stands, preparing meals for local distribution, as well as purchasing food and delivering it directly to our neighbors. Together, along with other local organizations, they form a mutual aid network attempting to build a robust community where access to food is guaranteed to all!

The Plantifa shirt was designed by our friend Anna Overmoyer, you can check out more of their beautiful work at

Roughly $20 per order will go to the above organizations. Printing and Fulfillment costs are being donated by Tiny Fish Printing. Items can be shipped directly to you.